Transaction Advisory Services

When it is time to choose a partner and decide on the details of a transaction, physicians need a good and experienced business partner on their side of the table.  Delta understands the physician desire to have an advisor that helps them construct and negotiate a deal that the advisor would invest in.


Provide Clear Understanding

Work with the you and your physician partners to obtain a better understanding of the financial details of the proposed transaction.  In essence we will seek to translate the proposed business transaction into economic terms.

  • Assist in the assessment, transaction structure and any buy-in/dilution assessment for additional physician/physician practices
  • Review documents, make inquiries and advise regarding business deal points such as exclusivity, the ownership of the data, and other intellectual property
  • Recommend legal counsel experienced in healthcare transactions.
  • Interface with your legal counsel on transaction documents to ensure business points are documented and seek to assure these agreements reflect the organizational and governance framework under development as well as address the myriad of other healthcare related issues such as fee splitting, self-referral, corporate practice of medicine, insurance compliance, HIPPA, telemedicine licensure issues and other matters.

Business Planning and Financial Projections

This may include creating or reviewing financial projections, interviews with you and your partners, as well as transaction principals. The goal of this work is to:

  • Clarify the revenue flows
  • Filling in the details around the responsibilities of the various parties and the underlying economics associated with such duties and responsibilities.
  • Detailing the capital requirements of the proposed business and the sources and uses of funds.
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