The Operational Phase occurs when standalone physician operations evolve into to a more consolidated and standardized group practice platform.


Operational Platform Development

It takes tact and experience to create operational platforms that foster cost efficiencies without impacting patient care. Standardization and wholesale consolidation isn’t always the answer. Successful platforms empower physicians in governance while engaging office and practice department managers in the process of change development and implementation.

Management Recruiting & Mentoring

Successful networks engage physicians and professional practice administrators in leadership positions. Delta resources include hiring assessment tools that dramatically increase the odds of hiring the right person. Our skills in management mentoring and interim management successfully foster long-term, sustainable organizations.


Operational Implementation

Fumbled implementation is a common problem. Once the acquisition is complete, assembling and coordinating a diverse team of managers, department heads and administrators is critical to success. Delta’s experience will help you avoid common mistakes and break down silos that stifle innovation and teamwork.